How & When To Reduce Nicotine Levels As A Vaper

Most people who vape started out to quit smoking traditional cigarettes and more easily control the amount of nicotine they were taking in.

Vaping has proven to be such an effective way to help people to ditch the cigs and has been proven to be a much healthier source of nicotine.

However, for many people, the natural progression is to lower their nicotine levels, too. Although this is no easy feat, there are some ways in which it can be made easier, so if you’re wondering how and when to reduce your nicotine levels as a vaper, keep reading.

Find a starting point

The great thing about vaping is that you can start to reduce your nicotine levels whenever you want, providing that you have the e-liquids with varying levels of nicotine available to you.

If you’re going straight from smoking to vaping, try starting with an e-liquid which has a higher level of nicotine. The nicotine level you need to start with will depend upon your smoking habit, for example if you smoke 10 cigarettes a day you will not require as much nicotine as somebody with a 40-a-day habit. We recommend either 12mg or 18mg depending on your smoking habits.

If you’ve been vaping for a while, use the nicotine level which you’re most comfortable with as your starting point.

It will be endlessly beneficial to your cause if you buy your e-liquids with varying nicotine levels in advance so that you don’t have to worry about purchasing them in the future. Sometimes life gets in the way of our plans, so it’s always best to have a contingency.

Here at Cloudz Vapour, we have an extensive range of e-liquids which feature nicotine levels from 18mg to 0mg, allowing you to reduce your nicotine intake as efficiently as possible.

Once you’ve found your starting point, you can begin to set yourself goals spanning several months, depending on how high your current nicotine intake is.

Set goals

Once you’ve decided that you want to reduce your nicotine levels, it can be really beneficial to invest in a calendar or use an app to keep track of your progress. This is because planning ahead is the best way to achieve your goals.

Use a calendar to mark the dates where you would like to reduce your nicotine levels – making a note of these dates will allow you to prepare in advance, making the lifestyle change an easier transition.

Mark these dates a month or two apart, depending on how reliant on nicotine you are. If you’re looking for a calendar app that works for you but can’t seem to get your hands on one, try one of these.

Similarly, ensure that your goals are realistic; you’re probably going to struggle to move from a 12mg to a 3mg e-liquid in four weeks, remember that it’s going to take time and set your goals accordingly. 

Allow yourself time to adjust

The majority of us can’t just leap from one level of nicotine to a much lower one in the space of a few days, we need time to allow our bodies to adjust properly.

Reducing your nicotine intake by a few mg at a time can be frustrating as it will take a bit longer than making wild jumps through the scale, but it will be easier on you in the long run as jumping from high to low nicotine levels can give you the same cravings as you would get if you quit smoking cold turkey.

Each time you change your e-liquid to a lower mg of nicotine, allow your body a few weeks (or even months) to get used to it – this is where you can use your calendar to track your progress.

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