Review of 2014 winner!

At Cloudz Vapour we feel reviews are everything when buying online. It gives our customers confidence on the e-juices & we know we are bringing over the best the US has to offer! We simply had to share what was simple the best review of 2014. Some free goodies are on their way to Maya the winner of a competition we didn’t we even had!


I was at a red light, casually minding my own business and vaping creating clouds out of my window when a guy on a motorbike pulled up next to me, he goes “what the hell is that” so I say: “CLOUDZ VAPOUR MAD FLAVOUR” and drove off! Safe to say he was completely taken aback. Moral of the story. Cloudz Vapour have the BEST e-juice…I have tried other e-juice brands and nothing matches the collection and the quality of e-juices provided by Cloudz Vapour in the UK.


One thought on “Review of 2014 winner!

  1. I am so excited! Thank you Cloudz Vapour, first time I have ever won a competition….funny that I didn’t even realise I was entering one in the first place!

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