Suicide Bunny – For The Ultimate Sweet Tooth

Our spotlight for this blog is Suicide Bunny juice!

Suicide Bunny is for those with a sweet tooth! The flavours are developed by Pip the Bunny.


When she decided to quit smoking, Pip turned to vaping and although she wasn’t that happy with the flavours available, found that she could cope and quit. Her husband on the other hand, really struggled to quit, so she threw herself into researching liquids and e-cigs by going to different companies that were fully operational, and from there started to develop her own fabulously sweet flavours that we here at Cloudz Vapour cannot get enough of! Not only do these help with our nicotine addiction, they’re also stumping our need for sugary beautifulness!

vape 3


She only has a small collection, but they are enough to keep us going!

A beautifully warm mix of cream, milk and strawberry!

Snickerdoodle cookie, cream & banana to get your insides super warm!

The simplest, most beautiful mixture we’ve encountered, cake & cream!

When you want sweet, without the image of bad glorious foods to go with, Melon & Cream solves everything.

Imagine all the people… eating their cake whilst you get the superb mixed fruits and cream mix that this delightful liquid offers!


We’ve made our way through these, from the effective and simple Mothers Milk to Derailed which actually caused us to go on a full hunt for Snickerdoodle Cookies; mouth-wateringly good cinnamon and sugar cookies that left us hungry for more, but sugared up for a whole afternoon.

Honestly! Give them a go; we suggest this recipe for especially awesome Snickerdoodle cookies!

They were beautiful! We really recommend keeping this recipe for the winter, warming and covered in cinnamon; they go perfectly in warm milk or make a perfect addition to an Eton mess or rocky roads!

Both of those recipes can be found have the essence of what Suicide Bunnys is trying to achieve, a sweet taste that is perfectly bad for you, whilst being irresistibly tempting, just like cigarettes! Our favourite changes depending on the season, over summer we adored the Madrina, a light melon taste, with cream!  We will have to return to at Christmas to make the load lighter, and Suckerpunch a heavenly mix of fruits and cream which calms anyone down with immediate effect.

woman smoking electronic cigarette outdoor office building  - iStock_000069764257_Medium

Right now, we adore the warmth of Mothers Milk, and as winter gets closer we’ll probably dip into quite a bit of Derailed. Although, we’ve found on a bad day, there is absolutely nothing better than the O.B., satisfying our cake and nicotine cravings in one, the O.B. makes us feel like everything bad that has happened will not happen again, and the rest of the day will be fine.

This is very much like telling yourself on an early Monday morning that it is really close to Friday, you know it’s a lie, but it comforts you anyway.