The Award Winning Mangabeys E-Juice

One of the five top-selling juices on our website, it looks like the rest of the world agrees with you on the quality of this stuff! At the recent Vape Jam show in London the Mangabeys juice by 12 Monkey’s won the Best Fruit E-Juice 2016!

This epic e-juice is well-deserving of the accolade from the UK’s biggest e-cigarette event and we couldn’t be happier for one of our favourite juices and the vape maestros behind it.

Vape Jam

We were excited for Vape Jam this year and we were right to be! The second e-cigarette convention to be hosted in the UK at ExCel London was a three-day extravaganza, hosting about three hundred exhibitors, including our team here at Cloudz Vapour, and was open to businesses and the consumers alike.

The bigger venue, four times larger than the first show, made for an even bigger event and it surpassed last year in a heartbeat.

With new juices, mods and rad new vape tricks being showcased at every corner of the Jam we hardly knew where to look! The lines were monumental as vaping fans from across the UK were eager to try out new juices, stock up on old favourites and check out the innovations that the vape crowd are coming up with every day. Check out the highlights of Vape Jam 2016 below to see just how awesome a weekend this really was

Mangabey E-Juice


This smooth and fruity juice should officially be in Vaping 101: its tangy sweet flavour is the perfect e-juice for new and old vapers alike. If being transported to the Caribbean sounds like the perfect way to vape then this is the juice for you. Pineapple, guava and mango combine to create an insanely mind-blowing taste sensation.

Sitting in the basking glow of the sun, eyes closed and with this vape in hand you will find it hard to believe that you’re not living the island life yourself. So, if you want an escape to a hotter climate at only a fraction of the cost this is the e-juice that will get you there.

Twelve Monkeys Vapor Co

12 Monkeys

These Canadian innovative vaping wizards conceived this brand to be premium e-liquid at a more reasonable pricing. The balance between quality, artisan methods and a cost their clients wouldn’t balk at was the aim of the game.

Their methods mean that each flavour is pre-steeped for a couple of weeks before being put on sale, which can mean less quantity but the quality they gain in exchange is unquestionable! The juice has a hugely consistent flavour that has made it the award-winner that it is today!

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