Easter chocolate e-juices

The best chocolate juices for your post-Easter fix

Has Easter left you craving a creamy chocolate juice? We’ve rounded up the best vape liquid to hit the spot – without hitting the gut.

Easter may have come and gone, but the weeks of stuffing ourselves full of everything Cadbury has to offer has left our trousers tight and our sugar addictions alive and kicking. But, that doesn’t mean you have to completely ditch your sweet treats. In fact, with this round up of chocolate flavoured premium E liquid, you can live – and vape – like it’s Easter all year long. Check out our recommendations, guaranteed to satisfy the cravings.


For those with champagne tastes: Kilo –  White Chocolate StrawberryKilo---White-Chocolate-StrawberryIf you’re a lover of fancy imported chocolate and all the finer things in life – this is your juice. By the masters of handcrafted, delicately balanced vape liquid – Kilo – this flavour mixes tastes of fresh, juicy strawberries on the inhale with an exhale filled with the creamy sweetness of Belgian white chocolate.


For a post-dinner treat:  Five Pawns  – Bowden’s Mate


If you’re looking for a little something to cap off your dinner, or perhaps just something to cleanse the palate after a garlic feast, Bowden’s Mate from California brand Five Pawns is your premium e-liquid match.  Taking inspiration from classic after dinner mints, this mix balances a dominant chocolate flavour with bursts of subtle, refreshing mint. And, to cap it off you get hints of French Vanilla for a smooth, satisfying finish.


For Nutella fanatics: Naked Fish – Stingray v2.0


If you’re the kind of person who travels with spare chocolate spread because you can’t bear the thought of a breakfast without it – this one’s for you. Part of the Naked Fish collector’s edition, (their vapes are renowned for rich flavours and big clouds) the new Stingray blend has been deliciously updated to have a creamy, choc-nutty flavour that’s as instantly recognisable as it is tasty.


For the hardcore sugar addicts: FRYD – Fried Oreos


Sure, it’s not technically a chocolate, but Fried Oreos rates a mention in this list because it’s just THAT good. And, we think you can’t respectably call yourself a sweet lover if you don’t have this vape liquid in your kit. The inhale starts with the creamy-fluffy taste of the biscuit filling, followed by the distinct Oreo chocolate cookie flavour on the exhale. But the most surprising – and the part that makes it really special – is the crisp, almost crunchy finish which gives you the fried sensation and takes the juice to a whole new level.