The E-merican Dream

Morning vape army!

As you probably know by now, all of our delicious e-juice is sourced from our good friends across the Atlantic Ocean. Each brand has put their life and soul into bringing you what they think are the most fragrant flavours out there, and we think they deserve a pat on the back for the wonderful concoctions they’ve engineered.

As for America in general, there are a fair few things we admire about our friends over in the US; their insistence on making sure there is a supersize option for absolutely everything, their traditions that are the envy of everyone who has ever watched a movie (sorority or fraternity life anyone?), and of course the ‘American Dream’.

We love it when the patriotic bunch add a sprinkle of their culture to our menu of juices, so here are some of our favourite USA-theme flavours that are going to have you dreaming about America!


The Diner Theme

Although we’re not quite convinced that burger and chips in the form of an e-juice will be that delicious, we do like some of the other classic diner items on our menu. There’s the tonsil-tickling strawberry milkshake in Boosted’s Boosted, the sticky jam doughnut flavour of Wayfarer by Tally Ho Vapor Tonic, and for those who insist on getting chips at a diner (sorry, fries!), ditch the potato and get these Banana Chips by Ruthless.






The Breakfast Theme

You’d have to be mad to opt for Cheerios or Bran Flakes over the selection of colourful and sweet cereals on offer in the US. The Americans don’t take breakfast lightly, and their explosions of flavours are a lot more satisfying than the cardboard in a bowl we’re used to over here. The Teleos Breakfast range says it all really; Teleos Crunch is a blend of marshmallow, berries, cereal and milk – yum!







The Fairground Theme

America is famous for Disneyland, fairgrounds and just a bit of good old fashioned fun. This is probably our favourite aspect to make its way into our selection of e-juices! Try Cloudz Vapour Cotton Candy for the ultimate light, fluffy and nostalgic vaping sesh.






For more information about our range of delicious e-juice, or any of our other products that have been supplied all the way from America, please don’t hesitate to whizz us an e-mail. If you like to keep things short and sweet, send us a tweet or like us on Facebook to keep up to date with our latest news!