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The Flavours of Autumn

Autumn has arrived. October is nigh upon us. The pumpkin spice lattes are out in full force, Halloween movies have begun playing on television and you are wondering what your costume will be this year. This is a season that people look forward to and enjoy every year as the lead up to Christmas begins. It is only fitting, then, that you celebrate it with an appropriate selection of e-juices.

With such a season comes a barrage of flavours for your taste buds to enjoy. But, what are the best flavours that make up for the growing cold of the autumn months?

Warm It Up with S’Mores

Freshly toasted smores with large white marshmallows.


Starting to feel the chill? Autumn brings with it a flurry of colder weather, meaning you will be running indoors for more warmth and comfort in the coming months. Keeping warm is as much in your food and flavours as it is the temperature of your home.

It might be slightly American in nature (here slightly is the code name for entirely), but the s’more is a perfect way to welcome the cooling days of autumn. Imagine this: a crackling fire, a group of your nearest and dearest’s laughter as the smell of cooking marshmallow fills the air. It’s an image that warms your insides with happiness instantly. This is the feeling that comes with every intake of Teleos Milks Liquid S’Mores. All of the flavour; none of the risk of burning your marshmallow!

Pancake Man

Pancakes with banana,walnut and caramel for a breakfast.

What’s the most comforting food in the world? An all-encompassing hangover cure, Sunday morning treat and something that you promise yourself you should have more of? Pancakes, of course! This scrumptious breakfast – lunch, dinner and afternoon snack depending on your mood – treat is at the top of most people’s best-loved food list. So, melding these flavours into a delicious vape experience seems like it would be a good idea. Right?

Fear not! The Pancake Man have you covered with an amazing range of rich pancake flavours with every cloud. Autumn is all about those rainy days spent indoors, cooking up some pancakes and wondering when the rain will fade. Now you can do just that, without the hassle of washing up afterwards! This is one of the most comforting tastes that Autumn has to offer, and a must buy for anyone wanting to get into the seasonal spirit!

Bubble Tea

Tapioca pearls pudding with fresh mango in glasses

Have you heard of the wonder of bubble tea? Better yet, have you been wondering what on earth bubble tea even is? It has recently been all the craze down many high streets, people going out of their way to try this new craze and see what all the fuss is about.

Amazingly, this popular drink has now been transformed into an e-juice! The rich milk of a Jazzy Boba e-juice, but with the added undercurrent of jasmine that has people craving more. The Bubble Tea e-juice is a unique flavour that will make you have more just to try and dissect the different levels of taste that incense your taste buds.

That’s all we have, for now, vape fam, but we’re expecting more shipments of fun and exciting juices and mods to see us through the awesome new season, so be sure to keep checking back to the Vape Vine, or give us a follow on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages where we’ll be announcing more upcoming products that we have lined up!

In the meantime, if you’ve got any questions for our vape experts, feel free to drop us a line today!