The Great Esc-Vape

G’day vapez! Another week means another chance to chat to you all about our range of exciting and taste bud-tingling vaping juice. But we also like to leave you feeling inspired, so our mission this week is to try and get you to pack up your bags and go on a road trip – USA style!

Since our roots lay firmly stateside, shipping you lovely lot masses of premium juices from across the pond, it only seems right that you’re able to enjoy everything they have to offer! So ignore the autumn weather, and hit the road to create some amazing memories for you and your pals.

But if you’d rather chase clouds than chase sunsets on the motorway, don’t worry – here are some suggestions to give your vaping a road trip theme!

AB-velocityHitch a Ride

With any road trip, you’re going to need a vehicle that goes far fast! We think the aptly named Velocity by Alloy Blends is the perfect start to any road-trip inspired vaping collection.

This indulgent juice is reminiscent of a Dutch apple fritter and is the perfect multilayered formula. On any drive, you want to get from A to B as comfortably as possible, so with this ultra premium brand, your guaranteed to vape in style!


Sunset-BlvdGo Sightseeing

Life isn’t about the endpoint; it’s about the journey, so you need to stop off at some places on the way!

We think Sunset Blvd is the perfect location for any road trip – whether it’s your vaping journey or on an actual tour of the US. This juice combines crisp pomegranate with notes of fresh pineapple, and a twist of lemon lime to bring some of that laid back Cali vibe to you.


flavour_cappuccinoDon’t Drive Tired

This isn’t just the rule of the road; it can be applied to your vaping too. If you love the taste of a piping hot brew, then you need to get your hands on some Coffee flavoured delights. We think the full, rich flavour is a staple to perk you up. You can mix it with vanilla, caramel or even chocolate for the perfect blend.




So whether you decide you want to embark on a fully fledged road trip up and down the UK, or just want to take some new juices for a spin, we have everything you need for a good time.

If you opt for a staycation rather than a vacay, then we’re happy to keep you company! Head on over to our Twitter (@CloudzVapourUK), or whizz us an e-mail on our contact page and we’ll always be happy for a chat!