The Origins of Vaping

Ever wondered where the phenomenon of vaping came from? It seems that, quite suddenly, it became all the rage with little warning. Much like Pokémon Go, it just happened and people ran with it. In fact, vaping and e-cigarettes, in particular, have a long history. It seems that people were searching for an alternative to cigarettes long before the health benefits of such a choice were widely known.

So, just what is the origin of the e-craze and how did it become so popular today?

Love, Peace and Vaping

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The very first e-cigarette – or at least the first acknowledged version – was invented in the 1960s. It is almost unsurprising that the height of free love gave birth to this amazing creation. The inventor, one Herbert Gilbert (yes, his parents hated him), patented a smokeless cigarette in 1963. This was very close to the product we know today, although it involved burning flavoured paper instead of the e-juice that we all know and love. The device worked without the inclusion of nicotine.

As you may have guessed, Gilbert was a little ahead of his time and his prototypes gained very little traction with the world at large. Smoking traditional cigarettes was still highly fashionable at the time and so no one was actively seeking an alternative.

A New Millennium

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The modern cigarette is often attributed to a Chinese inventor by the name of Hon Lik.  The thought process for such an invention began as early as 2001, intended to be an alternative to smoking for a healthier lifestyle. The first e-cigarette was then introduced in China where it gained popularity, eventually being sold in America and Europe via the internet for a short period of time. They officially entered the market around 2007 and have been a hot commodity ever since.

The development of e-cigarettes has been non-stop over the last decade! Cartomizers, heating coils and other mods became a staple of the vaping community. The more unique your set up, the better! The age of customization was born, meaning that a lot of producers ensure that their e-cigarette designs specifically enable heavy modding to suit their user’s needs in today’s market.

All said and done, though it may have taken a few decades to really take off, vaping is clearly here to stay. So, get in on the act today and experience the wonders of vaping for yourself!

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