These Monkeys Are Cheekier Than Ever!

They’ve gone and done it again, vape fam! The superstars from the wild Twelve Monkeys have released the incredible Triumph range of E-liquids and we are so excited to be sharing these amazing, tantalising flavours to the vaping community! With unique flavours and high VG, we know that you will not want to put these down, not even for a second!

Twelve Monkeys – Matata


Matata is great for the summer, especially if you want to go on the wild side! In Matata, you have a big, bold grape flavour on the inhale, followed by a smooth, ripe apple flavour on the exhale. Together, this succulent blend of flavours will surely awaken your taste buds all day, every day!

Twelve Monkeys – MacaRaz


If you want to smell like a fruity macaron all day every day, then MacaRaz is the vape juice for you! MacaRaz unites fruit and pastry flavours with an exquisite confection of French macarons, giving a rich, nutty almond depth, and raspberry filling.

Twelve Monkeys – Bonogurt


If you want a nice, refreshing flavour for the summer, Bonogurt is a great contender! Bonogurt has been perfected in combining rich fruit notes with a creamy yogurt base. To match with the creamy and tart yogurt, berry flavours are used to give this E-liquid a full-bodied flavour that you will crave all day!

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