Tips for a Vaping Novice


Hello our beautiful vaping family! We’re back with another post and don’t you all love them?

One for the baby vapers this time; those of you who are new to the vaping world and its rainbow of tasty juices. We thought, since you’ve taken that important step away from the analogue cigarettes with ash butts, burnt fingers and (of course) health complications, and into the bright vibrant life of a vaper, that we’d offer you a few friendly tips to help in your transition.

Firstly you can finally say goodbye to the tobacco flecks you keep finding on your clothes or your table tops. There’s no need to find evidence of your roll up cigarettes all over your house anymore so… hurray for tidy vaping!

Secondly prepare yourself for this avalanche of insight into the wonderful world of vaping and oh yeah! Welcome to the family!


close up portrait of a man smoking an e-cigarette


Definitely Not Like Smoking

If you’ve taken the transition believing that vaping is just like smoking you’ve got another think coming. It’s a good thing, mind! On the very surface, vaping is a lot better for you than smoking (you might have seen this in the news over, and over again and perhaps have seen it mentioned once or twice along our vaping vine). Vapour inhalation eliminates 4000 chemicals and carcinogenic compounds found in cigarettes. Your lungs will thank you.

Secondly the texture is different and your level of satisfaction changes. For instance, if you’re craving a dose of sugar with your morning vape you need simply to select your desired juice and (we’ve always wanted to say this) taste the vapour!



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You’ll Become an Expert Organiser

Well, you’ll at least become an expert in organising your vapour intake. You’ll quickly discover that your juice and cartridges last as long as you vape. Vaping like a train will mean you’ll be searching for a top up more often than if you take your time with your vaping.

Before you know what’s hit you, you’ll be planning ahead and stocking up before you have a chance to run out of anything (this includes your battery life)!



There’s More Than Just Tobacco

So you might decide, at some point during your vaping sesh, that all you want is the familiar taste of tobacco. We’ll give you a little insight now, tobacco vapour does not taste like tobacco. With such a range of tastily satisfying juices to choose from, such as our exceptional Suicide Bunny juice, or the hugely popular Kilo juice, why would you want to restrict yourself to only one flavour?

Experiment with your flavours. We’re sure you’ll find a brand you just can’t get enough of. Keep an eye out for juice packages for a collection of different flavours to enjoy!



Vaping shouldn’t just be an enjoyable experience, it should also be fun. If you find yourself stuck on what kit or which juice to choose, contact us and our team of vaping enthusiasts will do their best to help!