TPD Vape Liquid Laws Explained

Buying your favourite Vape Juice in the UK just got a little more tricky – but don’t worry the team at Cloudz Vapour have you sorted.

If the past Monday seemed gloomier than usual, that’s because it was. May 20, 2017 was the official D-Day for E-cigarette manufacturers and sellers to have their vape liquid comply with the new TPD enforced restrictions.

The TPD – or Tobacco Product Directive – places restrictions on tobacco-related products across the EU, and e-cigarettes have been included in this since 2014. As you’re probably aware, last year they introduced a new set of tighter, more restrictive rules which affect all vape liquid in the UK. These hit the sellers and manufacturers the hardest, with serious consequences (including fines and even imprisonment) for non compliance.

And, with over two million people enjoying e-cig life across the UK, those rulings will also affect you – and change the way you vape. But, here at Cloudz Vapour we have been preparing for this for a whole year to ensure the transition is as smooth as a creamy vape for our loyal customers. Here we explain what’s changed, and most importantly what it means for you.

Stricter testing for vape liquid:
Both the ingredients in each blend, and the vapour from those ingredients will be extensively tested (and will need to be passed by the MHRA) if to be sold in the UK and EU. This is designed to monitor the quality control of vape liquid (which is better for you), but as a premium e-liquid seller, our high quality will remain the same.
What this means for you:
If you’re keen on a particular vape liquid ingredient that doesn’t pass testing, it won’t appear in any recipes… so you’ll just need to get a new vape love. But. feel free to e-mail us if you’re stuck – our team would love to help you find a new #bae.

Some additives are now off limits:
Certain stimulant additives such as caffeine, taurine (an amino acid found in energy drinks) vitamins and colourings are now banned from vape liquid recipes – but we never trusted and stocked these from day one!
What this means for you:
Bad news if your vape of choice was a coffee variant, but with so many other incredible blends available, our dedicated Cloudz Vapour team will help you find another satisfying flavour.

A new maximum tank capacity of 2ml:
This includes all cartridges, refillable tanks and e-cigarettes.
What this means for you: If you’re using the more common 5ml tank, this means you’ll have to shell out for a TPD compliant version – which Cloudz will of course stock. This also includes rebuildable and dripper tanks. For the cloud chasers, and those using a higher voltage sub ohm tank you’ll still get a quality vape experience with the smaller tanks, however you will be going through way more vape liquid than before, so get used to refilling regularly.

Smaller refill bottles and lower nicotine strength:
All vape juice in the UK will now only be available in quantities of 10ml – including refills. On top of that, the max strength of nicotine is now restricted to 20mg/ml, unless it’s registered and classified as a “medicine” (and that’s a whole other process!).
What this means for you:
On the bottle front, it just makes it more inconvenient for you and your wallet. Smaller sizes mean you can’t buy your favourite juice in bulk, plus it creates more waste, and you might end up carrying around multiple refills (handy on those nights out). The nicotine restrictions will most likely hit the newly converted smokers the most, as they’re used to a higher nicotine concentration, but that said, it’s a great way to reduce your intake sooner if you’re keen to ditch the habit.

Marketing and advertising restraints:
The way sellers and manufacturers market products will now be strictly monitored under a new set of guidelines. This includes sponsorship of events (which is now banned), promotion or reference to any health benefits of vaping (also on the taboo list).
What this means for you:
You won’t see products appear on TV, radio, newspapers or magazines anymore, plus vape bloggers will also be subject to more regulations. So, if you’re after the most up to date information about new releases and vape-happenings, make sure you sign up to our Cloudz e-newsletter.

New labelling and child-proof standards:
All vape liquid packaging must now be tamper-evident so you can see if it’s been opened, refills must be protected from breakage, and naturally there are stringent child-proof standards for all devices. Plus, all refill liquids need to ensure leak-free top-ups. In addition, packaging is now subject to promoting similar health warnings as regular cigarettes, including the warning covering 30 per cent of the packaging surface – both front and back.
What this means for you:
Nothing, except a generally safer kit – which is an upside for all.

While not all of the new laws will affect your personal vape experience, for the Cloudz Vapour team it means unfortunately we’ve had to delete any non-compliant stock. But, as we’re dedicated to providing you the best vape possible, we will be replacing these with new stock, new brands and fantastic new vape liquid blends, so we can continue to bring you the best vape juice UK. Check back in regularly and see what we’ve got in store!

Got a question about the new vape laws, and what it means for your favourite premium e-liquid? Contact our passionate team here – we’re happy to help.