Troubleshooting Tips for Your Vaping Problems

Is your e-cig giving you problems?

Are you considering throwing it out the window next time it happens?

Don’t fret – and don’t smash it just yet!

You’re not the only vaper whose e-cigarette suddenly starts acting up, and the good news is that this is completely normal. Once in a while, you might need a little troubleshooting guide to help you tweak your e-cig until it’s working to your satisfaction again, so, we put together the most common problems you may find when you’re vaping:


Is your deliciously flavourful e-juice getting on your hands and not on your mouth? The most common cause for leaks tends to be a badly screwed-on device, easily fixed by closing it properly. An overfilled tank is also a common issue – no matter how eager you are to try out that new yummy concoction, never fill your e-cig to the point it bursts out… though we commend you on your dedication!

Other causes include a cracked tank. If this is the case, you’ll be better off getting a new one as, otherwise, you’re going to continue wasting your precious juice…

Burnt Taste

got all excited to try out a fruity or sugary brew and instead all you got was the taste of disappointment… Getting a burnt taste in your mouth when you vape can mean several things. First, after filling the tank, let the wick soak in the juice before vaping and see if the problem was solved.

If not, the issue might lie with the atomiser head, in which case you should clean it or replace it, or with much too high voltage in a variable voltage e-cig.

Not Enough Vapour

Is it the clouds you’re looking for? If you were expecting a thick, luscious cloud of tasty vapour and all you got was a measly mist, take a look at the PG/VG ratio of your e-juice. The higher the VG percentage, the higher the vapour production. And, of course, the more powerful the battery you’re using, the more clouds you’ll create!


Not Enough Flavour

This is a toughie… there can be several causes for a weak flavour, all of which can apply to your case. First of all, make sure your juice has great throat hit potential – the higher the PG percentage, the stronger the hit. And with literally thousands of juices to vape, there’s bound to be weaker and stronger flavours, perfect for every palate and expert levels.

If you don’t think this is your case, then maybe your device is the problem. Blow on the clearomiser (not too hard or you can get juice into places where juice isn’t supposed to go… and flood your e-cig) and see if everything is flowing as it should.

The problem might even lie with the famous vaper’s tongue, which typically includes losing taste. Drinking lots of water can help, as it might be a dehydration issue, and changing the e-liquid you’re using can also solve it.

There you go, all sorted. We hope. If you’re still having issues with your e-cigarette and can’t find a solution in our guide, don’t hesitate to give us a shout; we’ll answer any questions you may have, whether it’s about our wonderful products or a problematic e-cig!