USA vs UK: Battle of the Vape Juices

US vs UK Battle of the Juices: who makes the best vape liquid?

We’re here to settle a debate for vape fans: who makes the best vape liquid, UK or the US? Now, we all know that flavour preference is totally personal, and what makes an awesome vape liquid for one person, can be completely different for another. But, let’s be honest – there are some things we all want too, like a smooth inhale, a good throat hit, a nice big vape, and of course, quality taste. And for us here at Cloudz, up until recently we believe the US has hit the mark better on all those points.

Now don’t get us wrong, we love our country and we’re better than the US at a lot of things (football, coffee, voting) but as a brand our MO has always been sourcing only the highest quality premium e liquid in the market and delivering it to our UK clientele.

And, for us that has meant importing vape liquid from the US. So what makes it so much better than vape juice UK? Glad you asked. While we can’t speak for all US juice, we can speak for the brands we work with. What makes these so special is their quality. All are made with pure, high quality ingredients (often USA food grade quality) so there are no cheap flavours that taste like inferior sweets. A lot of mass market brands use imported flavouring from places like China, where the quality is just plain poor – and you can tell by the aftertaste. Some of our brands even extend that quality dedication to their PG, (Propylene Glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerin) content which is more rare. Like, Naked Fish for example who use USP Kosher grade PG and VG variants.

On top of that, most of the brands we work with handcraft their vape liquid in small batches, using artisanal techniques. This means better quality control, and attention to detail in the blends with these brands, creating unique custom flavour profiles that aren’t available elsewhere in the mass market. And these brands are even backed up by a bunch of vape awards, a further testament to their quality and products.

See, the thing is the US is a giant country, with roughly 250 million more people than us here in the UK. They have more manufacturers, and more clients, so naturally the investment in the industry and the competition to produce quality vape liquid is much higher.

That said, there are now some strong contenders on the market here in the UK that we’ve identified as being premium e-liquid, and we’re excited to now be stocking Cheap Thrills, a leader in vape juice UK.  And, there are a few other surprises up our sleeves so stay tuned, as we may just see a shift to UK vape domination in the very near future.

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