Vape into Christmas- Why It’s Cool to Vape at During the Festive Season

We meet again, vape family! Christmas is coming terrifyingly close now and we’re willing to bet that you’ve got some pretty tasty Christmas e-juice to vape on Christmas day. If not, they we’d advise you to step back in time and take a look at our delicious Christmas flavours blog for inspiration!

Some people might be put off cloud chasing on Christmas Day, but you can be sure that we will still be puffing magnificent clouds, Christmas or no Christmas! Why? Well, let us explain…

Christmas-and even just the festive season in general- is the perfect vaping season, and we’re hoping that more people turn to their vaporisers for 2016. It’s a great way to help you kick the smoking habit, and you’ll look pretty awesome doing it, too! So why is it that Christmas the perfect time to vape?

You Can Stay Inside and Watch Christmas Movies with the Family

You’ll probably remember how irritating it was to be a smoker on Christmas Day when you’d just settled down with your entire family to watch the plethora of festive films on the tellybox, when the craving for a cigarette kicked in.A family watching tv

You’d find yourself missing some of your favourite parts of Home Alone and ending up freezing cold from standing outside so that you  weren’t smoking around your family members.

As a vaper, you’ll be able to watch the young Macaulay Culkin outwit those crooks for the 500th time without having to leave the comfort of your armchair. Man, he’s a smart kid, eh?

Entertain the Family with your Cloud Chasing Tricks

If you have an ecig, you can’t possibly tell us that you haven’t at least attempted some of the epic cloud chasing tricks out there to make you look like a vaping boss.

Young man exhaling smoke from electric cigarette

If you have, and you’ve nailed some of them down to perfection, now’s the time to show off your new talent to your attentive family members.

Wow them with a perfectly executed bull ring or entertain them with an amazing jellyfish… we guarantee that they will think you are some kind of cloud-producing magician. Who needs to crack out connect 4 to have fun? Not us!

You’ll Be the Saviour of Christmas

Don’t lie to us. There’s always that one family member who douses themselves in way too much perfume or aftershave which leaves everyone’s eyes watering. Someone open a window, please!

girn in cafe with E-Cigarette

However, with the delicious smells coming from your uber-cool vaporiser, you’ll be able to create a nicer smelling atmosphere that doesn’t just reek of grannie’s seriously uncool perfume. You heard it first here on the vape vine, folks… vaping saves Christmas!

So get scrubbing up on your most impressive vaping tricks and stock up on some of our most delicious premium juices- we think we can hear those sleigh bells getting closer by the day!

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