Vape Jam UK 2016

So last year we talked about the exciting and crazy good Vape Jam UK, the first e-cigarette convention in the UK. And it went so well we’re going back for more! Vape Jam UK 2016 is nearly at our door, only 55 days remaining, and we couldn’t be more excited!

Vape Jam UK is coming back to London for yet another fantastic expo, and it will take place on three different days: one day for business to business connections and two days for everyone else. They’re expecting the show to triple in size, comparing to last year, and around 300 exhibitors, including yours truly, will be there.

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Last year, vapers queued for hours before the doors opened, eager to try out new things or revisit their favourites. So considering how huge last year’s interest was – and Vape Jam was only taking its first steps – this year the number of visitors should surpass the 4000 attendees of 2015.

While the expo will have the same format as last year, the venue changed to the Excel London, because of its larger ceilings – so while in 2015 vapers could get lost walking through the thick fog, the new location should allow a higher degree of visibility. So you shouldn’t worry about suddenly turning up in places you didn’t even know you were going to!

Vape Jam UK intends to keep opening its doors to manufacturers, vendors and vapers around the world, so why not come and check us out there? Last year, the expo managed to create a new standard in the vaping industry, with more attendees and vendors than expected, so 2016 is setting out to be even bigger and more interesting. We’re certainly planning on outdoing our 2015 selves!

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Vape Jam UK is a non-smoking event, but visitors do need to be over eighteen to enter and make their purchases. No one underage is allowed, even if they’re accompanied by their parents or legal guardians. General admission prices are set at £10 for both days, if you buy the tickets online, and £15 if you buy them at the entrance. The expo will take place in the 2nd and 3rd of April. Almost there!

So we leave you, lovely vapers, with highlights of last year’s amazing expo and the hope of seeing you all there with us!


If talking about the upcoming Vape Jam made you imagine yourself walking through beautifully thick and fluffy clouds, then feeling disappointed that it’s still almost two months away, we have just what you need to tide you over until then. Our Suicide Bunny Juice is available in so many flavours and nicotine levels that you have plenty of e-juices to choose from already! Talk to us if you have any questions or follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for the latest news.