Vaping myths busted!

Over the past few years, vaping has had a pretty bad rap, and like us, you’ll probably have heard plenty of vaping related myths from the vaping muggles.


We want to use our blog to start to debunk some of these myths that are arising from mainly rumours and a lot of scare tactics. So, without further ado, here are the internet’s top myths of vaping!

We warn you, some of these are so ridiculous; you might need to sit down!

Myth #1 – Anti-Freeze is in Vaping Liquids

The FDA claims to have found an ingredient of anti-freeze in one of the e-cigs they tested back in 2009, but independent labs  haven’t found any since. So we can safely say that our vaping juice is best left for vaping rather than clearing your windscreen on a frosty morning…

Myth #2 – Selling to Minors

Well, this is just silly.

If you’re reading this blog, then you know we have a check on our site of being over 18 years of age. So we’re already debunking this myth!

Myth #3 – Vaping is just as bad as Smoking

We could easily start and end this by saying that vaping has 4000 less chemicals in it than your run of the mill tobacco, but we have to add the Public Health England backed us up by stating that it’s 95% safer.

Myth #4 – Nicotine Causes Cancer

Guys, what even?

We all know about all those nasty chemicals, nicotine just makes you feel good, kay? It’s the tar that carries over 70 different harmful chemicals. Onwards!


Myth #5 –Harmful 2nd Hand Vapour

We’re almost crying from laughing too hard.

These myths are just too good. Just in case you’re wondering, second hand vapour is no problem to anyone. The Inhalation Toxiology, a peer reviewed medical journal has approved!

Myth #6 – Two Products. Two Different Names

You don’t call cats, swordfish do you?

Thank god. E-cigarettes and vaping equipment are two completely different products and we wouldn’t want anyone else getting confused.

E-cigs look like cigarettes, APVs or Vape Mods look like vapourizers. To quote a friendly meerkat, “simples”

Myth #7 – Only Use is to Quit Smoking

Well, we know most people get onto vaping to quit cigarettes, but check out our stock and see how many liquids we’re chasing after that have NO NICOTINE in them and come back to us.

 Myth #8 – Not enough studies

Well, actually there have been.

Loads, and actually, as more and more come out, they’re telling us what we already know. Vaping is not the safest thing ever, but it’s a tonne better than actually smoking.


Now we’ve debunked the top 8 myths, fancy a vape? Check out our flavours here and if you have any queries, contact us by dropping us an email, or come join us on Twitter @CloudzVapourUK and we’ll have a natter.