Variety is the Spice of Life!


Vaping is taking over the world! Walk down any high street in Europe or the US and you will undoubtedly be met by vapers of varying degrees. Using everything from disposable e-cigs to custom modified vape units people are not only enjoying vaping but also inhaling far less toxic chemicals and carcinogens in the process.

One thing that you notice when you pass other vapers is that some of the vaping juices that they use smell (and presumably taste) incredible. Sweet, fruity, minty… it’s all out there and if you are relatively new to vaping you will no doubt want to try all of them.

The Agony of Decision

So you’ve been inspired to get a new flavour and believe us, our juice menu has more than a few awesome flavours… but which do you choose? Well there is another option and you don’t need to choose just one!

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Bundles Galore!

Here at Cloudz Vapour we like to think that we are the caring and sharing kind of vape suppliers, so obviously we have catered to those that want more than one flavour option at once! By bundling our ranges into one bumper pack, you can not only try an entire range but also save a little money in the process.

Our range of e-juice bundles allows you to have a different flavour every day of the week if you so wish… oh and as ever they taste incredible!

Range of Flavours


From the creamy fruit flavours of our Boosted bundles to the spiced desert flavours of King Crown e-liquid bundles, you are sure to love our range of flavours.

Range of strengths


As with all of our e-liquids, our bundles allow you to choose the nicotine level in each of your liquids, from 0mg to 12mg.

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What are you Waiting For?

So now you know that choice needn’t be a curse when choosing a new e-liquid, why wait? Get in contact with us today and our dedicated team of vape experts will be more than happy to help you choose the right bundle for you!