Wakey, Wakey! New Brekkie Delights!

Do you ever feel a bit too asleep in the morning to eat? But, you still crave the yummy flavours that breakfast foods deliver in spades? This is a common occurrence for the high flyers here at Cloudz Vapour and we know it can be a pain. But never fear, we are always on the lookout for something new to keep our taste buds from rioting. And riot they do when denied amazing flavour.

Thankfully, Teleos have provided us with two amazing new flavours to accompany us on the workday rush!

Breakfast Bits


We all love a marshmallow, it’s something us Brits have enjoyed in many a delicious form. But, it was the Americans who showed us the light of marshmallow as a breakfast food. Well, now the guys over at Teleos have turned this cloud-light breakfast delight into a delectable e-juice too!

They started in 2014, experimenting at the Vape Summit to try and create one of the hardest flavours. Two years later it is ready and waiting for us to enjoy! The smooth flavour of sweet marshmallow, with the distinctive cereal crunch that gives this tasty breakfast treat a real flavour profile. Teleos had thought it was impossible, luckily for us, it wasn’t!

Do you want your own cloud of breakfast bits? Then venture here to order a bottle… or two… or three (we know we have).

Experiment Two


But, Teleos didn’t just stop there in their breakfast experiments. The aptly named Experiment Two is the next stage of the early morning confectionary bonanza. This time they have taken the delight of Experiment One, but created a fascinating tingle of lime on the exhale. Accompanied by an underlying tone of mango; it is a flavour profile of interesting depths.

It tastes a little bit familiar, but with a whole bunch of new that will have your taste buds exploding!

Want to try an experiment of your own? Then venture over to the lab here!

Interested in a liquid breakfast? Then try out these amazing flavours; sure to be followed by even more interesting combinations by the wonder kids at Teleos! So be sure to keep checking back to the Vape Vine, or give us a follow on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages where we’ll be announcing more upcoming products that we have lined up!

In the meantime, if you’ve got any questions for our vape experts, feel free to drop us a line today!