We’re Not Monkeying Around – Our New Stock Is Here!

Summer is fast approaching, vape fam, and we’re super excited to share with you some brand new stock that has arrived here at Cloudz Vapour HQ.

With tanks and juices galore, we’re really setting you up for a summer vape that you’ll never forget! Are you ready for a vapetastic season of fun and the sun? Here’s what we have in store!

Twelve Monkeys Reign Triumphant

E-juice superstars Twelve Monkeys have finally released their incredible Triumph range into the wild world of vaping and we couldn’t be more excited to share these delicious new flavours with you.

Triumph Bundle Pack

The reigning juice masters really have triumphed with this collection, having a range of unique tasting, high VG vapes that are sure to get those taste buds a’tingling all day long!

Whether it’s Matata’s grapey, appley taste that you’re looking forward to, Bonogurt’s berry delicious fruity tart with cream, or MacaRaz’s raspberry and almond macaron experience, we guarantee that you won’t want to put these juices down all summer!

French Dude Joins the Breakfast Club

Vape Breakfast Classics are adding another flavour to their range, giving Pancake Man an early morning playmate to get along with!

French Dude

Enter French Dude, an utterly continental breakfast vape that will transport you away from the breakfast table with its juicy, fresh blueberry taste which is closely followed by the sweetness of syrup soaked toast, topped with whipped cream.

It’s definitely one of the most unique breakfast themed vapes out there, giving you a sweet-yet-savoury vape that many members of the vape fam have been asking for!

Just Deww It

Jazzy Boba have done it again with their unrivalled knack at producing an incredible tea focused e-juices, and have come up with the light, irresistible Dewwy Boba juice to add to their boba tea range.

Dewwby Boba

With light, honeydew melon undertones and the unmistakeable  boba tea flavour, this is definitely a game changer for those who are looking for a fruitier version of their staple flavours which doesn’t have the subtle jasmine flavour!

Definitely one to try if you’re a boba tea lover!

Aspire to be a Nautilus

If you’re looking for a new tank for your summer vaping experience, then look no further than Aspire’s new addition to its tank collection – the Aspire Nautilus X.

Aspire Nautilus x

Designed to give a flavour intense vape every single time thanks to the new U Tech coil technology that Aspire have developed and implemented themselves,  there’s no better tank for enhancing the flavour of your juices.

The technology works by passing the vapour through the Kanthal coils twice, after which it travels up to the drip tip to be inhaled. This is what makes the flavour taste so concentrated, giving you a smooth cloud, bursting with intense flavour!

That’s all we have for now, vape fam, but we’re expecting more shipments of fun and exciting juices and mods to see us through our vapetastic summer, so be sure to keep checking back to the Vape Vine, or give us a follow on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ pages where we’ll be announcing more upcoming products that we have lined up!

In the meantime, if you’ve got any questions for our vape experts, feel free to drop us a line today!