What Does the Easter Bunny Vape?

With Easter just around the corner, you’ve probably seen the Easter Bunny around many shops. It’s probably all you see actually, and it might have got you thinking. And if you think like us, and you probably do, then you’ve always wondered what kind of flavours the Easter Bunny vapes. Because everyone wonders about the Easter Bunny and what he does in his spare time!

Don’t worry about how we got this information, just relish the fact that not only does the Easter Bunny exist, you also have personal, deep information about him. Feel free to let all of your friends know about your new found knowledge!


Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

Famous for being friends with the March Hare, the Mad Hatter comes to you with his favourite e-juice just in time for Easter! Join his famous party, where you have your favourites I Love Cookies and I Love Donuts, which if you have a weakness for donuts, won’t be news for you!



Easter’s Ragna Rok

While it’s not the end of the world, it might feel like it when you see eggs everywhere and you hate them. If you’re looking for a different spin on Easter Eggs, why not try some custard flavoured e-juice? Let Freya join the party with her cookie based e-juice, perfect for any Norse Mythology lover!

 Freya (1)


K.O. with the Suicide Bunny

We feel like we should say, no actual bunnies have given their lives to make this e-juice! You have a variety of flavours at your disposal, including the Sucker Punch, or Mothers Milk, the Easter Bunny’s favourite by far.

SB-mothersmilkLet Us Take You to Church

As you know if you’re religious, going to Church is very important during the season. Cosmic Fog’s classic vanilla ice cream flavour combined with rich, hot fudge is the perfect choice if you’re cheating on your Lent resolution of no sugar. We won’t tell if you don’t!



Zombies Will Want These Brains!

We know not everyone is moved by the sight of a cute, fluffy bunny, even though we don’t really understand why. You prefer Easter chicks; Cuttwood has the flavour for you! Bird Brains sound crueler to us, but whatever floats your boat!


If you want to know more about the Easter Bunny’s vaping habits, we have all the inside information. While we can neither confirm nor deny how we got this information, you can trust us when we say these are his favourites! If you manage to spot him with a different flavour than the ones on the list, give us a shout on Facebook or Twitter!