What Flavour Would Your Favourite Fictional Character Vape? (Part 1)

Fictional characters are much more than that, as we love them just if they were real. After all, who can say (SPOILER ALERT) Snape’s death didn’t really affect us? Or that finding out Dr Malcom from Sixth Sense was a ghost all along didn’t pull at our heartstrings? We fall in love with our favourite fictional characters, so it’s only natural that we also attribute real-life traits to them.

From out end, we absolutely love to think about which one would like this or that e-juice, as it makes them more real to us! Can you guess from the names of the juices which fictional character would vape them?


Pipe Tobacco

BBC’s Sherlock Holmes is very different from book-Sherlock, at least in what they smoke… because the detective loves tobacco so much, what better e-juice for him than Pipe Tobacco, a creation from our very own Cloudz Vapour team?

With a PG/VG ratio of 50/50, he’d be left with a sweet aftertaste on his tongue and a thick cloud around his head! We can definitely see the detective vaping on Pipe Tobacco as he looks out his window in 221B Baker Street to meditate on his deductions. He can also choose from nicotine levels of 0mg, 3mg, 6mg and 12mg – perfect for when cases are simple to solve or real tough shells to break.


I Love Donuts

Who doesn’t? In real life, most of us do, but when it comes to the world of TV, one doughnut-loving character truly surpasses us all! While you may think the Mad Hatter would be the best character to vape this juice, given its name, we think otherwise, as Homer Simpson is truly the chosen one!

He hates many things, from his job to his friendly neighborino Ned Flanders, but one thing he absolutely loves is the sweet goodness of doughnuts. For this reason, he’d be perfect for the I Love Donuts e-juice, which comes to us from Mad Hatter. This jammy sweetness has a fun flavour of fresh blueberries and sugary doughnuts, everything that would make Homer drool.

The 40/60 PG/VG ratio would let him enjoy his favourite dessert while creating rich, mesmerising clouds – and each 30ml bottles comes with a small pink doughnut box to further add to the sweet experience.



This might be the easiest one to guess so far! Superman doesn’t have any weaknesses apart from Kryptonite, so vaping this delicious juice might make him weak at the knees… And eager to try some more! Cosmic Fog brings us the perfect combination of melon and candy, an e-liquid that Superman would finish off fast than the speed of light.

The clouds created with Kryptonite would give Superman all the cover he needs to fly undetected – or leave a trail as he soared through the skies! Either way, he’d enjoy this all-day vape and its unique blend of flavours.

With an incredible amount of e-juices out there for the taking, you can pair a great number of make-believe people with their favourites vapes! Here at Cloudz Vapour we have a vast range of products you can browse through and pick out what you like the most, all of which are guaranteed to make you want to come back for more – and feel like your favourite character!