What Flavours Would Your Favourite Fictional Character Vape? (Part 2)

Have you had fun emulating your favourite character? From Holmes to Homer, you shouldn’t have been lost for flavours. But if you’ve found yourself wondering what more of your favourite characters would be vaping never fear, we’ve got you covered! With Halloween coming up now is the perfect time to step into their shoes!

So, who’s next in the line of characters to emulate during your vaping journey through fantasyland?

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

Who is the fairest of them all? Traditional fairy tale Snow White states that it is the title character of this old German tale. But, what would this alabaster beauty be vaping if she was singing to small woodland animals in the modern age? The obvious answer is, of course, the wonderful flavour of apple! No, really.

Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice… Despite having a bit of a bad rep in this fairy tale, apple is a delicious taste and here at Cloudz Vapour we don’t think Snow White would hold anything against this crisp fruit. For that reason, we have no doubt that she would be vaping away on the delicious flavours that Twelve Monkey’s Matata e-juice has infused. The rich, smooth, mixture of grape and apple make for a tart flavour that is extremely refreshing.

Refreshing enough to wake up Snow White, we’re sure!

Cookie Monster in the Making

Do you have a bit of a sweet tooth? Have you been called a bit of a monster when you go without sugar for a little too long? Then you might have something in common with the Cookie Monster himself. Love for a beautiful thing, and none can be seen as purer than the love between this blue sweetheart and his cookie loves.

A Cookie monster cupcake made by me.
If you are a cookie lover yourself but have no time to bake up a batch or two, then there is an e-juice alternative! The gorgeous Mother’s Milk & Cookies from Suicide Bunny is just the ticket to sate your craving. This is a delicious, creamy, mix of the classic of milk and cookies that people enjoy from childhood. Many carry this love into adulthood (we sure have!), so this e-juice helps to cater to that in a more adult way.

The Fluffiest Marshmallow Cloudz

Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters! The 80s classic movie has undergone a remake this year starring an all-female cast, but one thing stayed the same. The presence of the mighty Stay Puft Marshmallow Man!

There is no doubt that this sticky dessert favourite is a tasty morsel. But, can you imagine having so much you could make your own Marshmallow Man? It would be enough to feed an army, no doubt. If you don’t want that much and are just after the taste, however, then we have the e-juice to meet your needs. The intriguingly named Lust from THRST. This is an e-juice which encompasses the full flavour of marshmallow that is so loved. So, feel the power of the Stay Puft Man today!

Do you want to share the taste buds of some of your favourite fictional characters? There are always new flavours to explore and help you emulate whoever you want her at Cloudz! So be sure to keep checking back to the Vape Vine, or give us a follow on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages where we’ll be announcing more upcoming products that we have lined up!

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