What to Ask Santa to Pop in Your Stocking this Christmas

Happy festivities vape team!

If you’ve put off the thought of Christmas until now, there’s only a matter of days left until the big day so start scribbling down those lists for Santa. For those of you who have already prepped your family and friends about what you want to unwrap when Xmas morning makes an appearance, think about adding a few of these while you still have time – or treat yourself. Go on, you deserve it!

The Mod

boxNo seasoned vaper is worth his pound in juice without using the best mod on the market! We pretty much pride ourselves on spoiling you for choice all year round, but we think Christmas calls for an extra special mod.

This year we’re hoping that Santa will grant our vaping wishes and bring us a SMOK Treebox Mini 75W TC Mod. Not only does it come in a very festive red, but the 100% Brazilian zebrawood that it’s crafted from makes it look as though elves have been toiling away on this beaut box throughout the year!

It’s more than just aesthetics with this mod though. With a wattage range of 1 to 75, temperature control that recognises whether you’re using Ni200 or Titanium coils, and a temperature range of 100°c to 315°c, you’d be a fool to miss this off your list!

The Premium Juice


Asking for e-juices at Christmas will keep you stocked up for a good ol’ while, so make sure that you ask for some that pack a punch. A firm favourite to request is the entire set of Suicide Bunny juice so that you can vape a different flavour throughout the day depending on your mood!

We have a load of e juice bundles for you to have a browse through, so make sure you take a look!




The Rebuildable Drip Atomiser


This little RDA is created using a unique design that ensures you look great and achieve the optimum flavour from your juices! The atomiser is equipped with three separate airflows, air holes to channel air to the back side of the coil, and air holes in the top to create a vacuum effect.




So if you didn’t think Christmas wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, why not celebrate vapemas instead and pop a few of these on your list? If you’re looking for more info, get in touch with us through our online contact form or give us a shout on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram!