What Type of Vaper Are You?

Vapers are not all cut from the same cloth. We’re diverse and our interests prove that. But we’re also like-minded and share a passion for vaping, so it’s no wonder that most of us tend to fall in the same categories. You might not believe you fit into one of them but, nonetheless, take a gander at the list below and really think about whether or not you identify with any of these vapers:


The Newbie

We’ve all been there, so there’s no shame in being the newcomer to the party. On the contrary, there’s a vast world of possibilities to discover and a whole community ready to embrace you with open arms. Being new to the game is a giddy and exciting phase and, even though the magic doesn’t fade with experience, nothing compares to the feeling of discovering how many delicious flavours of e-juice you can try.


The Casual Vaper

These vapers have quite a bit of knowledge about e-cigs and vaping, and don’t usually care what their kits look like, preferring to keep them simple. They favour function, because they vape for pleasure and only when they feel like it.

The Collector

This kind of vaper typically has an extensive collection of gear. They love to try new things and will spend a lot of time obtaining new juices, mods, coils, tanks, you name it. Their hobby comes from passion and pride, and a desire to experiment everything the vaping world has to offer. If you find yourself starting to grow a respectable collection, you might fit into this category.


The Tinkerer

AKA the engineer. These vapers have such a passion for vaping that they’ll customise everything they get their hands on and, despite being a fan of mods, they don’t obtain them to have a collection, they use them to personalise their device and build works of art. They spend most of their time tinkering with their kits with the goal of creating the ultimate vaping experience.


The Cloudz Chaser

We all know this type. Vapers fascinated by the clouds they can produce, driven by creating the largest cloud the vaping community has ever seen. Patience is a must with these vapers, and they like to experiment with different juices and kits to learn which ones give off the best clouds.

Whether or not you believe you don’t fit into any of these, we’d love to hear from you, so get in touch with us with any questions or comments you might have. Alternatively, you can also check us out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ for our latest news and updates.