Why you should care for your e-liquid

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The marketplace for e-liquid is a burgeoning one and it can be hard to figure out which ones are of genuine quality and which ones are duds. Often a lot of time is spent talking about vaping technology and how you should concentrate on getting the best set up you could possibly afford, however the key component of any vaping experience is and will always be the quality of the juice.

Let’s use cooking as an analogy. Just because you may own a shiny top-of-the-range stove with all the mod-cons, it doesn’t mean that you can put an own-brand ready meal in it and out pops a dish tasting like a Heston Blumenthal gastronomic masterpiece.

Now, taste is an objective thing and some people like the taste of some things more than others, but with a quality e-liquid it is often about more than just taste preference – it is also about how reliable the experience is and quintessentially about the conditions under which the juice has been made.
We’ll now break down some key elements that can affect your vaping experience when considering new e-liquids.

1. Quality of ingredients: This is the number one factor in how good a juice will be. The majority of USA e-liquids pride themselves on Pharmaceutical Grade Nicotine (expensive to buy) and organic flavourings for the flavour. Now this is not to say all adhere to this practice but the great majority do. It’s not just the US either and with a little research you’ll be able to find the companies that have been around for a while and have an excellent reputation for quality, there are some fantastic UK juice companies and they offer some of the most interesting flavours available on the market.

2. Buy from a reliable vendor: This is simple enough to explain and ties into doing your research – there are many great companies out there that stock only the best quality e-liquid. We would advise against buying from places like eBay where you’re not sure of authenticity. If in doubt search online for some impartial reviews.

3. The PG/VG ratio: This refers to Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG) – two safe ingredients essential to e-liquid. A cheap juice will have a low VG ratio due to the cost of that ingredient. Quality e-liquids tend to have a high VG ratio and therefore the price generally reflects this. A quick way to test an e-liquid is to give the bottle a shake. If the juice appears watery then this means it has low amounts of VG, whereas a juice with a high ratio of VG will appear thicker and more viscous. This can give you a fast indication as to whether a juice was quickly or cheaply produced.

4. Unwanted extras: Be extremely careful with very cheap juices. With some of these pop-up brands there may be no way of knowing their ingredients and these kind of products can often appear in corner-shops or convenience stores. We’re not saying they’re intentionally producing toxic produce but they can contain things that shouldn’t be there, mainly from impurities in the manufacturing process. Safety is tantamount, so if you’re not sure then please avoid at all costs.

5. You get what you pay for: If something seems too good to be true then it probably is. Sometimes there are amazing deals out there, but before buying, first take a step back and ask “why?”. It doesn’t hurt to have a little patience before deciding on a purchase.

Cheap e-liquids can put a lot of people off e-cigs due to the harshness and flavour, and this is disappointing as people are missing out on an enjoyable vaping experience.
Hopefully these simple rules can help you navigate the tricky maze of flavours available out there and help you find a quality e-liquid that you’ll truly enjoy.

Most importantly however, Keep On Vaping!