Will Vaping Soon Overtake Smoking?


If you’ve left the house lately then you will no doubt have noticed that you’re not alone in vaping, everyone’s at it! Whatever e-cig and flavour combination people choose, there is no doubt that people are enjoying a bloody good vape lately!

There is of course good reason for this… vaping is just better! Imagine if 30 years ago, someone had come up with a way that you could get all the nicotine that you do from a cig but without any of the harmful carcinogens or chemicals, you’d have lost your sh… ahem… mind!

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This huge spike in popularity has raised a valid question among smokers and vapers alike ‘Will vaping overtake smoking and become more popular?’. Well here at Cloudz Vapour, we love the stuff and think that it’s only a matter of time and it seems like the latest studies actually agree with us… damn right!

Smoking at Record Low!

People are just down on smoking at the minute, let’s face it though, since it was found out in the 1960’s that smoking was linked to a smorgasbord of diseases it’s been a matter of time until it disappeared.

With a safer and cooler option readily available, it’s no surprise that rates of smokers go down year on year.

Vaping Usage at Record High!

With more and more people catching on to the fact that vaping is the business, numbers of users are understandably rocketing. With wicked flavours from companies like Five Pawns e-juice, more strengths and more vaporizers available, vaping is meeting everyone’s requirements and filling the early cynics’ mouths with a nice cloud of vape!

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As well as the variety, there is just more that you can do with vaping, from cloud chasing to flavour parties, it’s just more exciting than smoking and may just be the big daddy of nicotine consumption very soon!

Whilst it’s not quite there yet, we’re pretty sure that in less than a decade, we’ll look back at this blog and wonder if there are still any ‘smokers’ out there. With more advancements in vaping technology made by the minute, smoking is just the gramophone to the iPod that is vaping and it looks like its number is damn near up!

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If you’re yet to take your first awesome steps towards vaping perfection then don’t worry friend, you’re in the right place! Have a look around our website, fill your basket with the best there is and then check out knowing that your vaping future is on its way to you!