Wimbledon Meets Vaping

In case you haven’t switched on the TV recently or trawled through your Facebook feed for more than 30 seconds, you might not be aware that it’s pretty warm outside. Not only are we experiencing temperatures usually reserved for the Sahara Desert, and, well, you know… Hell, we’re also seeing the world’s greatest Tennis players grunt and sweat as they fight it out in a Battle Royale style competition, also known as Wimbledon.

While Wimbledon is partly known for its talent and British disappointment during the Tim Henman era, it’s also famous for a very British snack – strawberries and cream.

Now, Tennis fans, we have a treat for you – The Wimbledon E-Liquid Pack! So, whenever you’ve got a craving for strawberries and cream, all you have to do is whip out one of these delectable e-juices and it’ll feel like you’re right there in the crowd cheering on our lad, Andy Murray.

We can tell that we’ve got your attention now, so let’s take a look inside:

Wimbledon Banner

In your very special Wimbledon package, you’ll find Strawberry Whip from the Element E-Liquid Dripper Series, Arise from Cloud Company, our very own Strawberry from Cloudz Vapour, Alpha from Teleos and the flagship juice from Boosted – Boosted.

Each of those wonderful little flavours give you all the taste of Wimbledon with that unforgettable strawberries and cream deliciousness, bringing their own unique touch to the British classic – game, set and match!

Cloudz - Alpha

So, when you’re sat at home, cheering on our good old Murray, any of these e-juices would be ideal for the perfect Wimbledon vape. Best of all, when you buy the whole pack, you save yourself money, meaning that you can afford that extra glass of Pimms. Go on, treat yourself!

We can sense your excitement from here, and you’re probably wondering how you can get your mitts on this fantastic deal. Well, just buy on our site, or, if you want to know more, get in touch with us over on our contact page. Make sure to follow us on Twitter @CloudzVapourUK to keep up with all the latest Cloudz goss and give us a shout!