Wrap the New Cloudz With a Rainbow

Cloudz Vapour is expanding the vaping family with a brand new tank! The new stainless steel Aspire Cleito tank is the perfect choice for any vaper, whether you’re new to the vaping movement or looking for something different. And you don’t need to look any further!

This black Aspire Cleito tank comes with a Pyrex glass tube and is compatible with the standard 510 drip tips. It also comes with four different cuffs, allowing for a more personal experience, depending on your mood or mod – or the type of e-liquid you prefer. Darker or lighter, it’s your choice.

The tank can be customised with different colours then, but you can switch cuffs at will – even if you just get bored or if you prefer to coordinate them with that new jacket you bought. But the cuffs are not just pretty – they help dissipate the heat and provide you with even more cloud-making opportunities. You’ll develop your vaping skills in no time.


And whether you choose a colourful mod that fits the tank like a…well, like a cuff, and go out with matching colours, or you clash them like the cool person you are, you make the fashion statement instead of following it.

Cleito Tank

The tank is optimised with a new sub-ohm coil design that replaces the static chimney and allows for an increased airflow. This means the Clapton style kanthal coils can also increase the vapour production. So now you can hide behind all those thick clouds you puff out. But don’t forget, you won’t actually be invisible.

So this new atomiser design allows more airflow in the tank. What does this mean for you? Well, more airflow equals more flavour to savour. Your taste buds will be bursting with even more of the fruity tangs in, say, our Suicide Bunny juice.

And you’ll find it easy to fill. Just unscrew the lid, squirt the juice you love and voilà.


The full kit comes with 1 Cleito tank, 1 replacement glass tube, 1 vape band, 4 rubber cuffs and 1 replacement coil.

Whether you are a new vaper or experienced at creating those fluffy clouds that impress your friends, this Aspire Cleito tank will meet all your needs. And with an ever expanding selection of vaping choices at your disposal, you don’t want to miss anything. Join the family and become a Cloudz vaper through our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages or send us an email!